Online Personalized Training

As your personal trainer I will help you:

  • Develop a new sense of SELF CONFIDENCE
  • Become more EMPOWERED in and outside of the gym
  • Develop a workout program specifically INDIVIDUALIZED for YOU and YOUR goals
  • Learn how to become SELF-SUFFICIENT with handling aches and pains
  • ENJOY working out and pushing past your comfort zone!


Low Risk- Programming Month-to-Month

24/7 Access Via Email

Weekly accountability check-ins to ensure your progress!

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In Person Training

If you live in or around the NE Ohio area, one-on-one training could be a great option for you!

In-person training is perfect for someone who:

  • Is a beginner with this whole “working-out” thing
  • Is ready to COMMIT but not sure where to start
  •  Is eager to learn PROPER TECHNIQUE for exercising, weight lifting and breathing!
  • Needs GUIDANCE with their workouts
  • Has limitations/injuries that require MODIFICATIONS or needs help REHABBING an injury that physical therapy couldn’t quite do



Injury Prevention

If you desire to live a long and active lifestyle, exercising from an injury prevention perspective NEEDS to be a priority!

Something that is quick to be overlooked can be the difference between someone reaching their goals and striving for more to someone using every excuse in the book as to why they can’t do something.

NEWS FLASH! in my experience, most of our aches and pains are COMPLETELY PREVENTABLE and with consistent work, can easily be reversed... but the question is, ARE YOU READY TO TAKE THE STEPS NECESSARY TO LIVE A PAIN FREE LIFE?

If the answer is yes, then this is for you.

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