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Morgan has been my go-to for rehab and injury prevention for my marathon training’s. She has given me warm-ups, workout routines, and stretches, but most importantly, education on my body, how the muscle groups work together, and how I should treat them to be a more effective runner. I’m most thankful for Morgan saving me in the middle of an 18 week marathon training. I woke up one day crippled with back pain and unable to walk. I was back to running a week later because I implemented a rehab routine she wrote for me.

I appreciate that Morgan treats you like a person capable of helping yourself; she coaches and guides you rather than having a “you’ll only feel better if you see me every day” approach. I feel more confident with handling something that’s bothering me on my own because Morgan has given me the tools I need, but if there’s ever anything new that I’m hesitant about, Morgan is the first person I ask!

– Brittany Bush


I initially went to the local gym looking for a personal trainer to help me lose some weight and get back in shape. I’m a 60 year old that studied Martial Arts for over 20 years and had been out of it for 15 + years. I have degenerative arthritis in my lower back and it got to the point that doing that kind of training caused too much pain and discomfort.

Fast forward 15 years of not doing really working out and gaining over 30lbs, my back was worse than ever. Sometimes just getting out of bed was a challenge and modern medicine was not helping. I decided a trainer might be the way to go.
Working with Morgan has been the best thing I’ve done for myself in years! She has worked around my back issues doing exercises that help support my back, strengthen my core, has me eating better and pushes me farther than I have the drive for anymore.

A little over a year has gone by and I’m down 35lbs and although I still have some back issues, overall I feel great. Morgan is a great motivator who cares about her clients and I look forward to continue working with her!

– Joe Eberz




I met Morgan, at 23, when doctors told me all that all was left to fix my knee was a knee replacement but clearly I was too young. At that point I had been living with chronic knee pain and swelling since I was 17, after ACL reconstruction. I couldn’t even go up and down stairs without limping and pain. Morgan literally gave me my life back!

I went from being told to just swim or ride a bike to running and hiking 10+ miles! I would say within 6 months of working with Morgan I was 70% pain free daily. This was a dramatic change for me! My knee is full of arthritis so being completely pain free was never a goal but honestly there are days I don’t have any pain. Morgan can not only help pin point your issue but she can give you the tools to improve or just give you a killer workout once you’ve built up to it!

I worked consistently with Morgan for 3 years or so and only because I moved out of state, I had to stop working with her regularly. Her results last if you put in the work. I think whether you need extra attention to fix a mobility issue or you just want workouts that will kick your butt, Morgan is the person for you! Her knowledge is a blessing to me as well has her friendship!

-Monica Mims


I started working with Morgan after bypass surgery and it was one of the best decisions of my life. The program has been within the recovery parameters from my physicians and centered around things I want to accomplish. Probably the best part of the program outside of the sessions has been the great communication. Morgan not only follows up on my progress but provides several exercises (homework) to work on outside of our sessions.

Physically I improved in every area within a matter of weeks, each session has been different and provided new challenges which in turn keep my interest and have me looking forward to the next session. I believe my improved and continued health is absolutely a result of working with Morgan.

– Kevin Brooks